Nutrition Services

1:1 Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

As your Dietitian and Health Coach, I’m committed to investing my expertise, energy and passion into seeing you achieve the health, habits and lifestyle for a lifetime of optimal wellness.

So what does this mean?

  • No more dieting - that’s right, you deserve better (we know these don’t give you the tools for long term success and life’s too short to not enjoy your favorite foods)
  • No lists of ‘good’ or ‘bad foods’
  • No shame, guilt or judgement - this is about progress, not perfection

Instead, we will explore a newfound way of living and eating that is:

  • Highly personalized to your unique needs and wants
  • Science-based
  • Full of powerful mindful eating strategies that will benefit you for life
Together we will:
  • Optimize your nutritional intake
  • Develop more rewarding habits and behaviors
  • Improve relevant lifestyle factors (sleep, stress, movement, etc.)
  • Create the environment (and mindset!) for you to be successful
  • My goal for you is to walk away from each session feeling empowered, confident and excited to elevate your health and habits. We will work collaboratively to ensure you are achieving (and exceeding) the health goals and wellness vision you set out for - and never look back!
  • Optimize your nutritional intake
  • Develop more rewarding habits and behaviors
  • Improve relevant lifestyle factors (sleep, stress, movement, etc.)
  • Create the environment (and mindset!) for you to be successful
  • My goal for you is to walk away from each session feeling empowered, confident and excited to elevate your health and habits. We will work collaboratively to ensure you are achieving (and exceeding) the health goals and wellness vision you set out for - and never look back!
Book services
Breakthrough Session
  • 60 minutes (video/phone)
  • Nutritional analysis + feedback
  • A review of dietary + lifestyle habits that are/ aren’t serving your goals
  • Exploration of stress levels, sleep quality + exercise (+how these impact health outcomes)
  • Collaborate in designing realistic, attainable health goals
  • Create an actionable plan of practical steps to begin taking that get you steps closer to achieving long term goals
Whole Body Jump Starter
  • 45 minute session weekly for 1 month (4x total)
  • Valuable nutrition knowledge + dietary guidance that will carry you far beyond our time together
  • Mindful/ intuitive eating strategies which means no longer rely on a diet ever again
  • Wellness vision building and realistic goal setting
  • Emphasis on behavioral + lifestyle change
  • Delicious, nourishing recipes 
  • Email summary detailing main takeaways after session
  • Feel re-energized, refreshed and more confident with how you look, feel and manage your health!
Do you have a cancellation policy?
For cancellations within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment, you will be charged 50% of the session fee. However, if the cancellation is due to an emergency, I’m very forgiving in those situations.
Transformative Package
Two sessions per month for 4 months

If you're eager to rejuvenate your health and commit to making transformative lifestyle changes but need support, nutritional expertise and accountability, this is the program for you. We will develop an action plan that will cover an array of health topics and improve targeted areas of your wellness, one week at a time. This includes email/ text support and delicious recipes.
Online Courses
If you prefer online, self-paced learning - these are designed for you! Each transformative course is engaging, informative and chock full of tips that will elevate your health and leave you feeling ready to take on a more vibrant lifestyle.
workplace wellness
This incredible employee perk is designed to elevate your team’s nutritional status, health habits, mindset, concentration, happiness, and more.


“I have had the pleasure of working with Maura for the past five years. Being now in my mid fifties Maura’s nutritional expertise has guided me through menopause, a breast cancer diagnosis and cardiovascular disease. Maura has been a wealth of information for me nutritionally, medically and spiritually. She has provided me tools and resources that have helped me lose weight, better my overall health and increase my self confidence. Maura is extremely passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to health and nutrition and that makes her the best at what she does.”
M. Greco
“Working with Maura enabled me to make tremendous, sustainable lifestyle adjustments in just 3 short months. By gaining a new perspective, I have moved on from my old habits and I am working towards a healthier and more rewarding way of life. Maura brought a wealth of knowledge and resources that fit my current situation to help me accomplish my goals of strong health and happiness. I am now confident that with mindful eating and patience, I will continue to achieve my nutrition goals over the long-term.”
Vincent D.
“As someone who runs a very busy lifestyle and bombarded by the ad-hoc “eat this not that” media, I was frustrated with the conflicting information I was receiving regarding health and diet which was overwhelming and not personalized. This is why I started working with Maura and so thankful to have found her. Working with Maura has given me the thorough and deep understanding of nutrition that I needed to lead a healthy busy life. Maura has helped me understand the complex world of nutrition. Instead of telling me what to eat, Maura explained the science behind food, sharing with me what different kinds of food will do to my body and explaining the science and chemistry behind it. Through working with her, I built my ability to make my own decisions when it comes to my health.”
Anonymous Client
“Together we focused on nutritional approaches to address my Rheumatoid Arthritis. Maura helped me gradually replace some potential triggers to my RA. I very much appreciated the approach of adding healthy alternatives rather than an approach of restriction. I learned more about prebiotic and probiotic foods and came away with a good sense of how to add in nutritional foods in a way that supports my wellbeing.”
Erin Wray
“Maura came to Salesforce to deliver a talk on intermittent fasting and wellness strategies to implement at home, while travelling and at work. I was really impressed by her knowledge of the subject and depth of research. She is also a very engaging presenter, and the audience were full of praise for the session afterwards. I believe what resonated with the audience the most was Maura’s ability to tie the subject matter to practical, sustainable steps that the working professionals could take to adopt healthier lifestyles.”
Senior Analyst @Salesforce
“I’m the Office Manager for a startup with 50 employees – 35 of which are sales guys in their mid-20’s. Many of them expressed interest in leading healthier lifestyles, but didn’t know how to get started or what that really meant. I invited Maura into our office and she gave a presentation that really got through to them! She talked about the importance of work/life balance, managing stress, healthy lifestyle habits, the breakdown of basic nutrition and why we love the foods we do. Her presentation was informative and thorough, while also being approachable for those wanting to learn ‘the basics’. Our employees still talk about what they learned that day, and are making more of an effort to lead healthier lifestyles. We hope to have Maura back a couple times a year!”
Office Manager, Observeit
"Maura was able to rekindle my knowledge of the basic 4 and the effects of nutrients on my body. We planned how to make healthy choices fit into my schedule. Sometimes it was fun and we would laugh about the simplicity of what I at first thought challenging. I have had a successful transformation- I’ve lost weight and make healthy food choices. I enjoy the energy I have recaptured, and take pleasure in positive comments from my friends and family.”
Martha D.
Maura is warm, friendly, compassionate, and her empathy shows that she deeply understands how individuals struggle with living a sustainable lifestyle, she knows her craft. There’s absolutely no pressure in her sessions, it’s like having a best friend coffee sesh. She not only provides structure + options + recipes + support, the sessions allowed me the space to challenge myself, the courage to step out of my comfort zone during events ranging from social + business + moving your body, plenty of things to add to my toolkit."
Maura is phenomenal! I have worked with Maura as my dietitian for over five years. She has helped me manage weight loss, creating a healthy lifestyle while going through an intense work-travel period, focusing on a healthy pregnancy and post-partum period, and now overall wellness. Maura avoids diet culture and instead helps you quickly identify the root areas of your concern. She is incredibly supportive and always finds the positive to focus on. My meetings with Maura are the perfect blend of supportive and inspiring. She always helps me come up with manageable steps to improve my health moving forward. While initially we focused on nutrition, her guidance has extended to my overall health goals including movement, sleep, and stress management. Maura is simply the best!"
Maura is one of the best nutritionists in the business! I worked with her for over 2 years and the immense knowledge and coaching she provided allowed me to learn about myself and what my body truly needs. Maura gives the information and tools you need based on your goals to really build a sustainable lifestyle that makes you feel like your best self. From how to read nutrition label to building recipes, tracking macros, etc. Maura knows it all and can support your every step of the way. My energy, gut health, etc. was completely transformed and now I'm able to handle those pieces on my own thanks to Maura sharing her knowledge and insight. I highly recommend working with Maura!"
As a team of 100 employees working in industrial distribution, less than perfect eating and lifestyle habits are commonplace.  However, when Maura came in to speak to us on a variety of impactful health topics, she made it so easy for my team and I to put healthier habits, new knowledge, and valuable tips into practice. Maura’s personable, passionate and warm approach to health and balanced lifestyle made it possible for nearly everyone in the room to walk away feeling more confident and excited to take care of themselves. At the end of her presentation, she had a long line of people coming up to her to ask more questions and see how they could continue working with her, which was honestly a surprise given the demographic of my team. She received high ratings in our post meeting survey so we decided to implement her 1:1 employee coaching service given how valuable her talk was."
G.P., President of National Oak Dist.